Send personalised messages to your customers
and track them easily.

Our supereasy system enables you to collect your customer contacts, send personalised emails with 4 clicks and track them automatically.

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Filetrec works with both WEB & MOBILE

How does the web app work?

Using our web app dashboard will allow you to control all the content you want to be notified about. You simply upload a file you want to track, insert appropriate file data and voila! The Link is prepared to be sent and tracked. The rest is only to attach generated link to your email, wait for a notification and get more clients on board.

Managable files & folders

Every file or link you upload to our dashboard can be easily managable and customized by your needs.

Dropbox integration

For better upload experience is obvious dropbox integration to access your files as quickly as possible.

Status overview

After uploading your file the most important thing is to spy on the status. It's clearly displayed in your dashboard.




  • 5 free files
  • Limited history

$9.99 /mo

  • 1 GB Space / 100 Files
  • Own domain
  • Personal support

$49.99 /mo

  • Unlimited files
  • Multiple accounts
  • Own domain
  • Personal support

We love you Dropbox but...

We love Dropbox or - great apps. And free! But we all need something more. We all want to know what is going on with relevant documents or files we send to our customers or partners everyday.

That is why we had a dream...

Being notified right after our potential customer opens our offer or exactly after our employee downloads an important presentation. Being notified when...